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Our blood has an optimal level of Acid / Alkaline balance.  It’s pH should be 7.36 (i.e. very slightly above neutral of 7).  Over acid blood is believed to be the cause of all diseases.  Foods we take for granted such as meat, sugar, dairy products all add to over acidic blood.  In time, this accumulation can lead to all types of diseases.


An over acidic blood also causes red blood cells to ‘clump’ together preventing vital oxygen to get to the cells.  Our bodies will do anything to try to keep from being acidic, leeching calcium from bones, laying down fatty deposits inside arteries to prevent damage to arterial walls, clumping of red blood cells.


Megagreens & pH Drops available at Cosgroves



pH DROPS - £19.99


 At Cosgroves we offer a FREE pH test to determine your acidity.  Any sample of urine/saliva measuring below 7 is a sign of over acidity of the blood.  We would recommend at least a supplement of alkaline foods to the diet even if the result was mildly acidic.  For people who find it difficult to adjust their diet, we offer two supplements, MEGAGREENS AND PH DROPS.

Adding these to water taken during the day will help balance the pH of your blood and will help shift from acidic to alkaline, drastically improving your health!


You will feel the benefit immediately – more energy and alertness.  The body will shortly get rid of all the waste products accumulated over time.