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Personalised seminar and training sessions conducted by Stuart Cosgrove former Mr Britain,  Mr UK and Physio to World champions Dorian Yates and Ricky Hatton.


The 3 hour session can include:

  • Dietary and Supplement advice
  • Contest prep
  • Training session
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury management

Seminars are for 2 or 3 persons


Personal training for individuals is also available charged at an hourly rate.


All sessions are conducted at:

Cosgroves Physiotherapy Centre, Ashcrofts Farm, Chorley Road, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3NL


Prices: 2 persons - £130 each      3 persons - £85 each


Contact Cosgraoves Physiotherapy


 Stuart Cosgrove former Mr Britain

Stuart Cosgrove former Mr Britain









Truth about weight training


Truth about sports nutrition

Ever since the 50's the truth about weight training has been obscured by various fads and ideas, usually to promote a product, magazine or personality. As a result many athletes, trainers and instructors remain confused as to why a particular regime should be used. With this DVD I hope to clarify the issue, shedding light on why and how a muscle responds to resistance and how we can best use this knowledge to improve our training.   Stuart has a history in bodybuilding since 1976. After numerous junior and Mr Wins, culminating in NABBA UK and WABBA MR. Britain title, Stuart went on to training other body builders and weight lifters. Over the years he has advised hundreds of athletes from all sports.
The knowledge gained from planning nutrition for athletes can also be applied to anyone wanting to diet, gain or lose weight, or to achieve optimum health.
This seminar explains many of the fad diets that exist and why they do not work. It emphasises the importance of well balanced nutrition in whatever sport you're in.
Both DVD's available from Cosgroves Physiotherapy Centre for £13.99 plus postage & packaging