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You will be asked a number of questions regarding your condition and assessed by observation and various tests to decide upon the most appropriate form of treatment.  You may be required to undress so please remember to wear something suitable.  A range of treatment may be used such as manipulation, mobilisation, acupuncture, soft tissue techniques, exercises and electrotherapy.



Rehabilitation following injury or operations is so important to achieve full recovery.  At Cosgroves we have a Sports Rehabilitator to design a program specifically for your needs.  Specialist rehabilitation equipment and therapy room is available for use.



For anyone involved in sports, tense and sore muscles can be a hindrance.  We offer the best in muscle release techniques to release tension in the muscles and a G5 massage machine to help improve fluid drainage in limbs.



We have the latest high powered 225w standing tan cab.


 Initial Consulation




Rehab. Room



Sports Massage at Cosgroves Physiotherapy   



TREATMENT CHARGES (as of January 2015)


From £37.00



Rehabilitation Programmes





Use of Rehabilitation Rooms


6 weeks - £60

12 weeks - £100






From £25.00

  Massage Chairs   £3.00 for 20 minutes

£1.50 for 3 minutes



Mini Medical





Seminars with Stuart   (3 hours)


2 persons £130.00 each

3 persons £85.00 each



At Cosgroves we have the very latest programmable massage chairs which help to alleviate those tired aching muscles.  The program lasts for 20 minutes and a choice of four automatic overall programs may be selected.  If you have a particular area you wish to be worked on more, you can select different massage types such as shiatsu, pummel, kneading, tapping or rhythm.  Heaters for the feet and back are also built in.

The main effects of this massage chair are:-


1. Improved circulation

2. Improved muscle relaxation

3. Removal of waste products

4. Helps to improve your posture

Massage chair as Cosgroves Physiotherapy       

At Cosgroves, we are conscious of the need for maintenance of the normal functions of the body.  We can offer a ‘MINI MEDICAL’ which is non-invasive, it involves no blood letting and yet yields a wealth of information about your overall fitness and biochemistry.

It will take approximately 20 minutes.  We measure the following:-


• Blood pressure

• Oxygen level

• Lung function

• Body composition

• PH Levels

Mini medical at Cosgroves
We compare your levels to the levels you should be for your age.


MEDICAL INSURANCE - All major medical insurance companies recognise the clinic.  You will be able to reclaim your fees from any accident provided you have a doctors referral.  You may self refer without seeing a doctor if you are self paying.  Please check the conditions of your health insurance policy as the physio cannot be held responsible for any non-payment of claims.