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Solgar Products

See our wide range of Solgar products below. 


These are available for collection or alternativelty we can take payment over the phone and send them to you. (Postage and packaging charges will apply)

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Possibly the best multi-vitamin/mineral tablet on the market. It provides all the essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants that the body needs to maintain healthy function.

Price: 180 tablets - £51.74


Solgar VM2000 available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 



Ester C          

This is vitamin C surrounded by an ester which helps to slow down its absorption in the body, this allows for more efficient utilisation of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant , it works well on the cardio-vascular system and also helps to support the immune system.  It is also shown to be important to the health of all the bodies connective tissues, i.e. skin, blood vessels, joints and digestive and respiratory tracts.

Price: 90 tablets - £29.95



Solgar Ester C available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 




EPA/GLA contains all the essential fatty acids that the body needs to maintain good cardio-vascular health, maintenance of good cholesterol levels and also to improve the integrity of membranes within the body.

Price: 60 capsules £30.98


 Solgar EPA / GLA available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy



Evening Primrose (Not Solgar)

Evening primrose or GLA, which is Gamma Linolenic Acid, is useful for women to help prevent pre-menstrual syndrome and also to regulate periods.  The oil is eventually formed into prostaglandins which are hormone like substances, which help to maintain good hormonal balance .

Price: 90 capsules - £10.99


Solgar Evening Primrose available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 



Echinacea (Not Solgar range)

This herb is used as a potent immune stimulant.  It has antiviral and antibacterial activity and can enhance white blood cell production.  This is very useful for help with viral or bacterial infections or skin problems.  It can help to prevent or speed recovery from colds, flu or general infection.

Price: 60 capsules - £14.25


Solgar Echinacea available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 




Dong-Quai has been used in Chinese medicine for many hundreds of years as a female hormonal tonic. It contains phytoestrogenic components which possess an activity that is approximately 1/400 that of human oestrogen. These phytoestrogens are frequently employed to modify oestrogenic activity due to their ability to bind to oestrogen receptors in cells.  This applications are for pre-menstrual tension, irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps and hot flushes.

Price: 100 capsules - £13.54

  Solgar Dong Quai available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 





Is a very powerful antioxidant, it is also used for weight control as it facilitates the conversion of stored fat to energy. It has also been shown to be useful for high blood pressure, angina and various cardiovascular problems. It increases work capacity and oxygen transport which is useful for athletes for this reason.

Price: 60 tablets - £46.30

  Solgar Coenz Q10 available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 




Saw Palmetto Berries

This is used as a general male tonic and current research shows that this herb is effective in treating enlarge prostate gland and reducing related symptoms such as frequent urination, difficulty in passing urine, urinary discomfort and impotence.                          

Price: 100 capsules - £18.29

   Solgar Sam Palmetto available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy



Magnesium helps to regulate calcium within the bones and the teeth.  It is also useful for muscle function allowing the relaxation phase to allow muscle to relax and is therefore useful with muscle cramps. It has also been shown to improve the cardiac output i.e. the blood flowing from the heart around the body.

Price: 60 capsules - £10.95

   Solgar Magnesium available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy



Rhodiola has been shown to be a strong adaptagen allowing the body to cope much easier with stress, enhancing endurance and  also aiding in heart function.  Recent studies show it to play a part in improving brain activity.

Price: 60 capsules - £0.00

  Solgar Rhodiola available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 


Saw Palmetto Opuntia and Lycopene Complex

Similar to saw palmetto except the lycopene complex helps to prevent cancer cells developing within the prostate gland.

Price: 50 capsules - £28.99


 Solgar Saw Palmetto available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy



Milk Thistle  

The active ingredient of Milk Thistle is the bioflavanoid complex silymarin a combination of several components extracted from Milk Thistle.  These antioxidants have specific benefits on the liver.  They aid and protect the liver against environmental chemicals such as alcohol, foods and medication.

Price: 100  capsules - £25.95


 Solgar Milk Thistle available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy



Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the body’s major lipid or fat antioxidant. It neutralises the hydro peroxide free radicals, these free radicals cause oxidation of fat components in cell membranes. Vitamin E protects fats from many agents that damage the body. It also helps to elevate HDL or good cholesterol when levels are low.

Price: 50 capsules - £22.85    

  Solgar Vitamin E available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 


Dandelion Root  (Not Solgar range)

This is a liver and gall bladder tonic. It has been shown to stimulate the production and release of bile by the liver and the gall bladder.  It also acts as a natural diuretic. Conventional diuretics have a negative side effect of eliminating potassium from the body , however, dandelion’s rich content of this mineral addresses this concern.

Price: 60 capsules - £5.69

  Solgar Dandelion Root available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 

Glucosamine Chondroitin

The amine sugar glucosamine is a primary constituent of chondroitin which is a major component of the cartilage and joint tissue. Research has shown that both glucosamine and chondroitin are effective in reducing arthritic symptoms and repairing joint damage. 

Price: 60 capsules - £16.39

   Solgar Glucosamine Chondroitin available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy