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Specialised Supplements

See our wide range of Specialised Supplements below. 


These are available for collection or alternativelty we can take payment over the phone and send them to you. (Postage and packaging charges will apply)

                        CNP Products available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy        Solgar Products available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy  


Serrapeptase contained in serraenzyme is an enzyme derived from the silk worm, it aids the digestion and clearing of non living tissue i.e. blood clots, cysts, scar tissue and arterial plaque. It is useful for any type of inflammation in the body getting rid of inflammatory debris.  It is helpful for relief from trauma, swelling and sports injuries and also to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Price: £19.36


Serra Enzyme available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy 




Nattokinase is a potent enzyme extracted from a traditional Japanese food called Natto.  Research has shown Nattokinase to support the body in breaking up and dissolving unhealthy coagulation of blood and to prevent clot formation. 

Price: £24.95


 Nattokinase available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy




Pycnogenal is a natural plant extract obtained from the bark of trees. It contains a unique combination of beneficial substances called flavanoids. Pycnogenol is regarded as one of the so called super foods because of its high content of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free- radicals or toxins that have built up in the body as a by-product of  abnormal respiration as well as exposure to environmental pollutants.

Pycnogenol helps maintain healthy circulation strengthening arteries, veins and capillaries, it also improves the immune system and  helps to maintain the health and flexibility of the skin.

Price: 90 tablets - £27.95   150 tablets - £45.95


Bio Pycnogenol available at Cosgrove Physiotherapy 



Green Tea

Green tea is a rich source of very potent antioxidant, polyphenols.  One of these polyphenols is called epigallocatechin. This has been shown to improve the activity of other antioxidant enzymes in the small intestine, liver and lungs and also to improve the integrity of the arteries preventing the build up of plaque on the inside of arteries.  Green tea has also been shown to be thermogenic improving fat metabolism.         

Price: 60 capsules - £14.89


Green Tea avaialable at Cosgrove physiotherapy 



Seleno Precise

Selenium is an essential mineral required in the body to help to protect against the powerful free radicals called hydroxyl. These are amongst the most destructive of the toxins in the body and can damage cell membranes and cellular proteins along with DNA.  Selenium is used to help mop up these hydroxyl free radicals and therefore help to protect the overall function of the body.

Price: 60 tablets - £7.25       150 tablets - £14.45


serrapeptase available at Cosgrove Physiotherapy 



Homocysteine Modulator

This contains TMG,  which is trimethylglycine. TMG helps to reduce homocysteine within the blood stream. Homocysteine has been shown to cause damage to vascular structures such as arteries, causing atherosclerosis and plaque build up on the inside of the vessels.  The homocysteine regulator helps to control and prevent this.     

Price: 60 capsules - £11.30

  Homocysteine available at Cosgroves Physiotherapy