Cosgroves Physiotherapy Centre has been established for over 30 years

Here at Cosgroves Physiotherapy Centre, we pride ourselves on our ability to treat many physical conditions that have proved difficult to treat using a standard Physiotherapy approach. Many patients come to us with long standing chronic conditions such as lower back pain and have been down every standard avenue of treatment, usually with a varied array of diagnoses, all to no avail.

Our first approach is to empathise with their situation, but then to offer them the hope that in most instances our treatment methods can work for them when others have failed. Stuart Cosgrove has been practicing Physiotherapy for over 30 years now and after thousands of situations like this, he never fails to derive satisfaction at being able to help these people return to a satisfactory quality of life.

At Cosgroves Physiotherapy Centre, we have a very 'hands on' approach using a varied array of soft-tissue and manipulative techniques, along with acupuncture to treat muscular and skeletal problems. We have an extensively equipped gym, built alongside our clinic which allows us to develop rehabilitation programs for patients to return to normal activities in the shortest possible time.

We also pride ourselves on our team strategy methods of working. All the therapists work closely together to make sure the same quality of care is administered to all patients. We regularly have team meetings and seminars to maintain our continued professional development and to keep abreast of the latest research studies in our field of work.

When Stuart was first developing his methods of working within the Physiotherapy profession he had a mentor whom he trusted and who moulded his way of thinking. He has continued to do the same with all the therapists in his team and he is very proud of what they have accomplished and the results they achieve. Whenever he has sustained injured he is proud to  rely on any one of the team to treat him effectively.

Stuart Cosgrove

Director / Physiotherapist

Stuart first qualified in 1982, after 5 years working full time in the NHS, he started his own private clinic...

John Ramsay


John is a fully qualified Physiotherapist Bsc (HONS). John specialises in musculoskeletal conditions including...

James Fleming


James joined the team in late 2020, following the completion of his BSc Physiotherapy degree at the University of Salford....

Charlotte Ramsay


Charlotte has been working at Cosgroves alongside Stuart Cosgrove since 2010, after graduating with a BSc HONS...