When you consider the old Infra Red lamps we used to use for our aching backs, they were only useful to a degree. They didn't penetrate into deep tissues and to get any decent level of radiation you had to practically burn yourself!! These lamps emitted infra red and visible red light over a large band of wavelengths so it was always difficult to get enough of the BENEFICIAL wavelengths of light.

  • Accelerates healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Reduces the inflammation of arthritis
  • Reduces scar tissue, blemishes and wrinkles
  • Aids in recovery from intense exercise
  • Helps improve metabolism for increased fat loss

Recent studies conducted by Harvard Professor Michael Hamblin who specialises in the effects of this type of radiation found that wavelengths of 640-660 and 830 to 860 nm were beneficial to superficial tissues like skin and deep tissues like muscle and bone. There was a massive hike in mitochondrial activity in cells at these wavelengths when 60 joules of energy was applied to these tissues. The benefits achieved have been well documented in over 300 scientific studies and are irrefutable!! Benefits like reduced inflammation, pain relief, and wound healing within days of use.

This means the red light may be used on anything from skin wrinkles and acne to deeper conditions such as muscle tears and arthritis. It also means a massive improvement in overall recovery after intense exercise. Due to the tremendous hike in metabolism people also notice an increase in fatloss whilst on a calorie reduced diet.
Because the light we use - The Joov Light delivers clinical grade radiation, you will receive approximately 60 Joules of energy within 10 minutes when sitting or standing about 6 inches from the device.

UVA light therapy

At Cosgroves, we use a highly effective UVA treatment booth which surrounds the body. The tubes emit only UVA without the more dangerous UVB light. Due to an alarming increase in rickets in the UK, patients suffer from a serious lack of vitamin D. These patients also suffer seasonal affected disorder, feeling depressed. This treatment cures both these problems in a matter of a few minutes, 2 to 3 times a week! It is also a great treatment for acne!