As we have been a busy physiotherapy clinic for over 30 years, we come across certain conditions which are not normally treated by physiotherapists. Many of these patients cannot get the help they need from traditional medical sources. Some of these conditions cannot be adequately treated by medication or surgery, so they find it difficult to find an appropriate, effective method of treatment. We at Cosgroves have seen the need and have risen to the occasion!

Here is a short list of some of the conditions we can treat and the modality of treatment we use:

VERTIGO - We use a combination of acupuncture , manipulation and Apley/ Sermont's method of treatment as appropriate.
TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA - We have had tremendous success treating this condition with a specific acupuncture protocol, preventing surgery and over medication.
BELL's PALSY - We use a combination of acupuncture and muscle stimulation to stimulate nerve and muscle recovery.
TENSION HEADACHES - Very often misdiagnosed as migraines, we treat these very successfully with acupuncture and manipulation, followed by postural protocol.
THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME - Patients presenting with referred pain and numbness in the arm(s) can often be misdiagnosed as a neck disc problem when it can be this syndrome. When correctly diagnosed, this condition can be effectively treated with acupuncture, manipulation, mobilisation and postural control.
SPORTS MASSAGE - We offer sports massages as a preventative measure or a recuperative aid for sports men/women. we utilise deep and superficial techniques such as myofascial release, effluarage, deep kneading, petrissage and percussion to help release tight soft tissue structures and also aid blood flow and venous drainage to allow patients to return to maximum performance again.We also have a G5 Massage machine which allows deep vibratory massage and can be used within the treatment session if necessary.
MASSAGE CHAIRS - Our massage chairs give a surprisingly deep all over back and legs massage and are very often used by patients coming home from work after a hard day or indeed by patients relatives whilst waiting . They offer a great 20 minute session in varying degrees of recumbance and can really take the stress out of tired bodies!