Charlotte MacGill

Charlotte has been working at Cosgroves alongside Stuart Cosgrove since 2010, after graduating with a BSc HONS Degree in Sports Rehabilitation at Bolton University.

Charlotte uses multiple treatment techniques including, acupuncture, manipulation, fascial release techniques and electrotherapy to treat many musculoskeletal problems ranging from lower back and neck pain, to joint, muscle and tendon problems.

Charlotte is also a World, British and UK champion in figure competing, including a former Miss Universe. She can offer tailored diet and training programs based on an individuals needs. Personal training is available whether it be for general fitness or rehabilitation. Charlotte also offers posing lessons to figure competitors, along with competition advice.

“I absolutely love what I do at Cosgroves! Meeting new people everyday with different injuries is both interesting and challenging, getting them back to full fitness is a very rewarding role. Being able to combine my work with my hobby really is a dream come true!”